Each yesterday..

December 13, 2009

Why do I see no friends or human nature stuff in my possible future!?
But also…I can hear , I can hear the music, the wind , the words the storms ..the screams ; I can see , I can see flowers , I can see beautiful colours , clear view I create, I can see , can see disasters of madness.
From my room window I can see beautiful dying leafs in a ready to go late ,sleepy autumn coverd by something white that we call snow, because my window is up high in my own hause..
The song I play in my laptop , I let it somewhere in bed , my pink bed with white stuff on it, the lights in my room makes the image kinda hard to explain. I’ve got my white pearl colour dress with my hair left in the wind, sitting in front of the window,I can hear,I can feel,I can see how lonely I am.

][ ][
570. Tina Arena & Marc Anthony – I want to spend my lifetime loving you 4:45


Bo,O !

December 12, 2009

Hellowwww circleee of strangers !

Today in 12 dec. 09 I’ve decided to write here , fuck my computer.

I’m watching movies and outside it’s a snow shit day , but kinda ok.

I’m sleepy and bored and my head hurts.

I’m happy I bought some cosmetic stuff I needed , like compact cream , a new hydration cream , cheek pearls , new good perfume with shower gel from it, yeah kinda nice ; etc.

I’d like to go out for a coffee and a cigarette but too cold and hmm I’m waiting for the Monday.

I hope it’s gonna snow this season , cause it is the most I like.
I’m gonna draw a pirate ship in the next hours so good luck to me,heh, I’m gonna post the result if it will look good enough.

Right now I’m listening a song I love and hope I’m gonna write soon in this….blog uhm ahmmm I don’t really care of stuff I write here ,things I wrote are for the feeling I have in that time; no way to be scared , I will never write in the same way , I thought it was a time problem but I think it’s just me, I’m always in changes but not big big ones.

Have a nice day or a good night niggs! =)