Bo,O !

December 12, 2009

Hellowwww circleee of strangers !

Today in 12 dec. 09 I’ve decided to write here , fuck my computer.

I’m watching movies and outside it’s a snow shit day , but kinda ok.

I’m sleepy and bored and my head hurts.

I’m happy I bought some cosmetic stuff I needed , like compact cream , a new hydration cream , cheek pearls , new good perfume with shower gel from it, yeah kinda nice ; etc.

I’d like to go out for a coffee and a cigarette but too cold and hmm I’m waiting for the Monday.

I hope it’s gonna snow this season , cause it is the most I like.
I’m gonna draw a pirate ship in the next hours so good luck to me,heh, I’m gonna post the result if it will look good enough.

Right now I’m listening a song I love and hope I’m gonna write soon in this….blog uhm ahmmm I don’t really care of stuff I write here ,things I wrote are for the feeling I have in that time; no way to be scared , I will never write in the same way , I thought it was a time problem but I think it’s just me, I’m always in changes but not big big ones.

Have a nice day or a good night niggs! =)


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